Wednesday, May 14, 2014


Every year I tell myself to get back to blogging and every year I end up not following my resolution... Hah!

Anyways, it's been a busy few months since I last blogged which probably explains my lack of discipline to write. I've been having quite a series of misfortune the past week, starting with me dropping my phone in a freaking puddle in the Peak District which led to some water damage and lots of £££ in order to replace it. 

My body also decided it's the best time to fall sick, especially when there is an assignment due on Monday and my finals looming up ahead.

On the bright side, now I have a new phone... And to think, just slightly less than a month from now and I'll officially have finished university!!! 

Real world, here I come.

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Hills of Wind

You know you're in Sheffield when your hair cannot be tamed and your calve muscles ache from climbing.

Have been spending my first weekend back sorting my timetable and getting settled into my new house. Starting to put up photos on the wall to make my room that little bit more homely :)

Managed to catch up with Phoebe, David and Wayne over dim sum at Wong Ting. That was the most interesting thing I've done so far since my return.

Tomorrow is gonna be the start of the new semester. I've got quite a light schedule so I'll be able to fit in more shifts at work in between. Will be checking out the my new department building yay!! Looks amazing in pictures... Hopefully it's as amazing in person! 

Until then!

Monday, September 16, 2013

Back to books...

It's been a long week.

I came down with a terribly high fever last Tuesday and was forced to hibernate at home for 24 hours (not that I'm complaining).

So with the parents and the boyfriend at work, I had to find some other way to occupy myself... and I ended up in a reading marathon... hahaha!

Finished 2 books in a day... and eventually I finished my third book by the end of the week despite having work and events to attend. Now I'm reading The Mortal Instrument in book form, hopefully it won't dissapoint!

This week is actually going to be my last week of internship and also my 2nd last week in Malaysia.
Super not psyched about leaving... :(

... but life goes on. One more year and I'll be back for good.
Tuesday, September 3, 2013

I Scream For Ice Cream!

Who doesn’t love ice cream?

Thanks to Nuffnang, I recently got invited for the Nestlé La Cremeria relaunch party at Laundry Bar, The Curve. I’m sure nearly everyone has tried La Cremeria before. It’s one of those ice cream tubs that you stock your fridge with so when you have a midnight craving, you just stick your spoon in the tub for a bite… okay fine maybe it’s just me.

So anyways, this relaunch of La Cremeria is to introduce their new 1.2L packaging as well as a new an improved recipe (as if it’s not already good enough pfft).

The entire Laundry Bar was decked out in Black and Gold, super elegant and classy. I even got my hands on some goodies! There was a super cool ‘gold bar’ USB thumb drive. Hahaha so glam!

After registrations and some drinks, we were ushered into the indoor section of Laundry Bar for the official launching of the ice cream. I was surprised to see that 8tv Quickie host Julie Woon was the MC of the launching!

There was a short speech by a Nestle representative who spoke about the new range of ice cream flavours with the new packaging. Apparently, the new packaging maximizes the freshness of the product and locks in all the creamy goodness!

In order to introduce their improved flavours, the Nestle La Cremaria ‘Bellas’ decked out in dresses that match each new flavour did a little catwalk around the venue.

Once the smoke cleared… TA DAH! The unveiling of the 6 new flavours.

The lovely Bella’s then brought us out according to our assigned numbers for the highlight of the event… the ice cream tasting session!

First up, the Chocolate Obsession.

This is a chocolate ice cream with chocolate chips and chocolate sauce. I thought this flavour was pretty good although I normally don’t like chocolate ice cream. It wasn’t really sweet and had a slight bitter chocolatey after taste that I liked!

We were advice to cleanse our palate after each scoop so as to fully appreciate each flavour… so here I am feeling very atas waiting for my sparkling water from one of the waiters… LOL!

I eventually wandered over to the next station that caught my eye, the ‘Chocolate Hazelnut Temptation’ which is a vanilla and chocolate ice cream with heaps of peanuts and velvety chocolate hazelnut sauce. I love anything hazelnut… it was really yummmmy! Super smooth and creamy and not too sweet again!

More hazelnut! This time the ‘Hazelnut Ganache Sensation’! Crème brulee flavoured ice cream with almond chunks and chocolate chips swirled in chocolate hazelnut sauce … phew what a mouthful! This was pretty good… but it was a tad too sweet for my liking because of the crème brulee ice cream but if you have a sweet tooth… this ice cream is for you!

By this time, I seriously had an ice cream overload. If you notice from the pictures, the kind people at Nestle are certainly generous with their tasting portions… LOL! I made my way to the ‘Almond Pecan Praline’ station for the aptly described pecan flavoured ice cream with almond chunks and velvety swirls of chocolate sauce. BOY DID I HIT THE JACKPOT!

I loved this ice cream! It had an odd pecan and almond aftertaste that I somehow found really addictive! Plus the almond bits added a real crunch to the ice cream. I’m so going to recommend this to my mum nommmms.

Just when I thought I had too much ice cream to handle, Julie Woon announced that lunch is ready to be served… what? lunch?? Woohoo! I didn’t even realized that there was going to be real food!

In the end I didn’t get to try two of the other flavours but from what I have tried, I would definitely recommend this range of ice creams! They taste really creamy and surpassed by expectation of a supermarket-stocked ice cream. Plus it’s super affordable at RM16+ for a 1.2L tub!

Also, La Cremeria roadshows will be happening nationwide in conjunction with the re-launch so everyone can try out the amazing new taste! You can find out where the roadshows will be happening at their Facebook page!

 So do check out the new La Cremeria range at your nearest supermarket! I’m off to get my Almond Pecan Praline :P

Monday, September 2, 2013

Chocolate Cake & Oriental Viva 双囍城酒家

A few weeks back, the boyfriend and I were pondering what to buy his dad for his birthday. 

After much contemplation we decided that food will still be the best option as his dad is super not materialistic. Thus, we decided to buy him some wine and bake him a cake!

Ta-dah! Check out the chocolate cake that I made! :) It was super decadent but a tad too sweet because the dark chocolate I bought wasn't really DARK dark.

Anyways we also had dinner that night at a Chinese restaurant that his dad wanted to try. It's called Oriental Viva at Viva Home Shopping Mall. They supposedly specialise in a somewhat fusion style of Chinese cuisine and have won numerous awards as well.

We ended up ordering just a few dishes to try as we weren't really up for a big meal.

First up, the Dragon Fruit Beef.

I loved this! It has that sweet salty combo that I'm addicted to with the strong savoury taste of the beef and a subtle sweetness from the dragon fruit chunks. The fruit goes well with the beefy sauce too! 

We also tried their Special Chicken Rojak Buah. Fried chicken with traditional rojak buah.

Loved the rojak! It taste... Like rojak lol! The chicken quite disappointing though. It was really oily and a bit soggy. I think they pan fried it instead of deep fry which led to the sogginess. If it were crispier, I think it would have been much better.

Another dish we tried was the Pumpkin Balls with Stir Fried Lotus Root and Veggies.

The balls were great! Crispy exterior and fluffy interior. The veggie were just normal... Nothing to scream about.

We also had a plate of Siew Yok which I didn't take a photo of. That was great as well! Which explains the lack of photo.... We gobbled it up too fast! Hahaha!

Don't think I'll be returning there again soon, would much rather go to Purple Cane (plus its cheaper) :p
Saturday, August 31, 2013

Birthdays and MORE Birthdays!

Helllooo my poor blog... long time no see! T___T
It's the time of the year once again, where I become one year older and also more lazier than ever before...
Happy Birthday to meeeee~ (and Malaysia since it's Merdeka today :P)

Yayy! Pretty cupcakes!
The Nuffies actually surprised myself and Sue Ann while we were having lunch with Cuppacakes
We actually tried out this place in Publika called Wagaya. I had the lunch box with karaage... it was so-so. Just normal tasting :/

I also got lots of notes and Famous Amos cookies from the Admin team as well! :)

Didn't do much for my birthday this year... just went out for dinner with the boyfriend at Gardens and sorta just chilled out and chatted all night :) Today, I went out for lunch with Daddy as well for my birthday. Got to spend the afternoon playing with Xuan... teeheehee. She's such a Mummy's girl, looks totally like Sherly!

Anyways, off to dinner now with Mum! Man... so many birthday meals! (Not that I'm complaining... :D)
Monday, July 22, 2013

Back from the Dead

It's been a while since my last post. Man, doesn't time fly. I kind of failed in my resolution to blog religiously when exam season hit and it just went downhill from there.

So now that Summer is here, I'm actually back in Malaysia doing my internship with Nuffnang! It certainly is a whole lot different compared to my previous internship. I'm definitely enjoying my work a lot more. 

Hopefully, I will have some motivation to blog and then I won't desert my blog as much as I used to. 


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